Completing a GORUCK event means something different to each person. For some there is no emotional connection. It is just completing another endurance event. For others it is an experience that is hard to put in to words.

A NCR-SQD team member from Class 1680 at Gettysburg recently said, “I’m still trying to process why it was a really amazing experience. I still can’t really explain it.”

The Gettysburg Challenge was nowhere near my first endurance event–heck it wasn’t my fist GORUCK event. But it was different from all of those previous physical and mental tests. I was physically exhausted, mentally tired, and for the first time slightly emotional.

Why was I slightly emotional?  At first, I wondered if it was pushing myself harder, further.  Maybe, it comes from putting our bodies, for one day, through the training that our loved ones endured during their service. But thinking about it over the last few weeks, I think it’s the effort of our team.

Class 1680 was a true team. From the strongest member to the weakest, no one hid.  Everyone contributed.  At work, in school, in life we all hear about the importance of teamwork, of being a team.  This Challenge, we were there for each other. We were a team!

The team effort began in the months of training before the event, during early Saturday morning training sessions.  It was manifest in the nearly $30,000 raised for the Special Operations Wounded Warriors. It was evident at the team dinner the night before the event.  And it continued until Cadre Mocha Mike congratulated all of us on a job well done.

Whatever the unexplained is for you, there is only one way to try to find an answer – take on the Challenge.

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