The workout is setup to be a team of four, but can be scaled to teams of two. If you break in to teams of two also reduce the time. Each team of 4 splits in to two groups. Reps are split evenly amongst teammates.

40 Minutes as many rounds as possible.

  1. 100 KB Swings – 53 lbs
  2. 100 Pushups
  3. 100 Box Jumps
  4. 100 Sand Bag Ground to Shoulder – 60 lbs
  5. 100 Thrusters – 25 lbs
  6. 100 Pullups
  7. 100 Burpees
  8. 100 V-ups

Group 1 – Works through 50 reps.

Group 2 – Alternates holding barbell (205) at the top of a deadlift. Group one can only work while barbell is off the ground.

Just the tip: Keep a quick rotation going on the barbell as your grip will deteriorate later in the workout.

*all workouts are done at your own risk. I have no degree or training in any exercise related field.

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