Episode 5 -Dimes and Nickels x 10

This week is a partner workout mainly utilizing the sandbags. The rep scheme is 50 and 100s. Split the reps with your partner. Figure out what rotation works the best for you. Total work time is 45 minutes. To do it by yourself, cut the reps in half and take a break when you need to. You can also split the time in half. Use the sandbag weight that is comfortable/slightly uncomfortable for you. We all used 60 lbs.

45 Minute AMRAP

  1. 50 Burpees
  2. 100 Pushups with a sandbag pull through
  3. 50 Sandbag Shouldering with a Squat
  4. 100 Situps
  5. 50 Box Jumps
  6. 100 Sandbag Squat Clean and Jerks
  7. 50 Toes-to-Bar

* Just the Tip: For #2 – reach under your body to the opposite side and pull the sandbag under you and to the other side. For #3 – the bag starts on the ground each rep. Altermate shoulders. For #6 – Don’t reset your hands. Push up in to the overhead position holding the handles of the bag.

**Workout can be completed using dumbells or barbell.

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