Episode 8

This week’s workout is another sandbag workout. I have listed the workout below as an individual workout, but can be scaled to be a team workout. We did it as a teams of two and three. For each additional person, add 20 reps per movement. The workout is a 50 minute AMRAP. We used 60 lbs sandbags.

  1. 20 Back Squats
  2. 20 Pushups
  3. 20 Flutter Kicks – Sandbag over chest
  4. 20 Front Squat
  5. 20 Squat Clean to a Press
  6. 20 Push Press
  7. 20 Situps
  8. 1 min Plank Hold
  9. 20 Overhead Squat
  10. 20 Shouldering

Just the tip: If you have a weight vest, wear it for a bit of an extra kick. Since we did the workouts as a team, rest for the same amount of time as your worked during the prior movement.

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