Episode 10 – Back to the Ruck

It’s warm outside again, so that takes us back outside for parts of the workouts. This week has us putting on the ruck for some focused upper body movements.

55 Minute AMRAP – Wear a ruck for all movements for a little challenge.

  1. 25 Pushups
  2. 25 Thrusters
  3. 25 Leg Raises
  4. 25 Lunges
  5. 40 Yard Wheelbarrow (alternate with partner every 20 yards)
  6. 20 Yard Crab Walk
  7. 20 Yard Bear Crawl
  8. 400 Meter Farmer Carry (we used 60lbs sandbags. Alternated hands each 200M)

Just the Tip: If you don’t have a partner, do wall walks for wheelbarrows.

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