Episode 14 – All About The Team

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This week was a team workout for the first time in several weeks, but it was not any easier. 60 minute AMRAP. Teams of 3. Ruck is used unless noted. Sandbag used where noted. If you are doing this by yourself cut the reps down to a third of the total reps

  1. 75 Burpee Man Makers
  2. 150 Push-ups
  3. 75 Shouldering Squats – with Sand Bag
  4. 150 Sit-ups – Ruck across chest
  5. 75 Box Jumps – No ruck
  6. 150 Squat Cleans – Use Sandbag for cleans. No ruck
  7. 75 4 count flutter kicks – Ruck over chest

Every 10 minutes run 400m without ruck.

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