Episode 16 -Donuts Are Good

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As many of you know a small group of us are doing a GORUCK Heavy in a brief week’s time, so this was our last week for a 60 minute beatdown for awhile. To celebrate we had everyone’s favorite breakfast food; donuts. We will have these again, you just have to show up fairly regularly in order not to miss it. You should also not worry about missing 60 minute workouts as Jason told us that they are his favorite part of his week.

60 Minute Team AMRAP with rucks unless noted. Split reps as needed

  1. 1/2 mile ruck with 60 lbs sandbag (SB) – use both ruck and sandbag. Switch with partner as needed.
  2. 50 pushups
  3. 50 SB Push Press
  4. 50 4 Count Flutter Kicks
  5. 100 Squats
  6. 50 Man Makers
  7. 1/2 Mile ruck with SB
  8. 100 Lunges
  9. 50 Pushups
  10. 50 Overhead Squats
  11. 50 Front Squats
  12. 100 4 Count Flutter Kicks
  13. 50 Man Makers
  14. 50 Ruck Curls
  15. 50 Situps – no ruck
  16. 50 SB Push Press

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