We got back at it this weekend after a couple of weekends off. The start of post Heavy training is a reset of sorts. While you will notice a similar format, albeit a shorter time frame, you will see slight change in the weighted objects. This workout is deceptively tough.

Format is rounds for time. This was a team workout with three people per team.

8 Rounds

  1. 2 Wall Walks
  2. 4 Pull-ups
  3. 6 1 Arm Snatches – 55lbs db
  4. 8 Goblet Squats – 55lbs db
  5. 10 Burpees
  6. 400M – Run the 400M as a team

*Just the tip:  If you are doing this by yourself, watch the time, and rest two times that duration before the run.

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