Below are workouts from the past two weekends.

Week 14

50 minute AMRAP – This is a team workout. You can do it as an individual by cutting the reps in half and resting as needed. Start the 50 minutes with a 400M run. When you get back, work through the reps for the same amount of time that you ran. When that time is up, run again. We did this workout as two person teams, but trading off runs with another two person team

  1. 100 Ruck Squats
  2. 100 Ruck Swings
  3. 100 Ruck Rows
  4. 100 4 count Flutter Kicks
  5. 50 Pushups
  6. 100 Lunges
  7. 50 Man Makers
  8. 50 Thrusters
  9. 50 V-Ups
  10. 100 Push-Press

Just the Tip: Ruck swings are like kettle bell swings. Ruck rows are like bent over rows.

Week 15

40 Minute AMRAP – Team s of 4. Each team member does the number of reps listed before the next team member can start. Once partner 1 completes the reps, they run a 400M. Partner 2 follows. Only 2 team members can run at a time. Partners 3 and 4 can start the next movement once partner 4 completes reps. Keep cycling through.

  1. 20 Pushups
  2. 20 Overhead Squats
  3. 20 4 Count Flutter Kicks
  4. 20 yard Crab Walk
  5. 20 yard Wheel Barrow
  6. 10 Toes to Bar – no ruck
  7. 20 Thrusters

Just the Tip: Each movement will use your ruck unless otherwise noted. If you want an extra challenge. Rest for 2 hours and run a race pace 5K.

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