We will call this week 4. Back at it with this little fun thing. Find a football field or an area that you can move back and forth over a 10 yard space.

Move down and back the length of a football field. Include the end zones. 

Every 10 yards do 10 reps of one of the movements below. Then do lunges for 10 yards. Then do 10 reps of the next movement. Continue until you have gone through each movement and then repeat until you have gone 220 yards. 

Push press

Then - we did this as teams of 3. If doing it on your own, work:rest ratio should be 1:2. 

Bear Crawl 10 yards, down and back
Run with ruck 20 yards down and back
Run with ruck and sandbag 30 yards, down and back. 
20 sandbag ground to over shoulder - throw it over your shoulder. You should have to turn around to pick it back up. 
20 yard down and back lateral sandbag throws

Then - work:rest 1:2 if doing by yourself. Suicide sprint style. Except you are resting after each sprint. 

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 yard sprints.  

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