This week’s workout was another 4 person team workout. 40 minute AMRAP. Split your 4 person team in to small teams of 2.

A. 2 members of the team move (rucks on) with 60# sandbag.  Up-and-down 5 flights of stairs plus 300m.

B. Other two teammates work through the below movements. When team A is done they pickup where team B is on the list. Keep alternating.

  1. 40 Push-ups
  2. 40 Push Presses
  3. 100 4 Count Flutter Kicks
  4. 40 yard Lunges
  5. 50 Squats
  6. 50 Burpees – no ruck
  7. 40 yard Bear Crawl
  8. 40 Push-ups
  9. 40 Thrusters
  10. 40 sit-ups

Just the tip: Reps can be partitioned anyway you want. If you are doing this by yourself, move 1/4 mile then work through the movements for the same length of time you were moving. Rest as needed. When the time is up, start moving through a 1/4 mile again.

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